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A Sydney Hypnotherapist

Margaret Muscat CHT. is the Founder of Hilltop Hypnotherapy. In 2018, she obtained a Diploma in Strategic Psychotherapy and Hypnosis, Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Practitioner of Time-line Based Therapy.

Using Strategic Psychotherapy to determine the client’s resources and using Hypnosis to break limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns, she treats Mental Health clients presenting with Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Insomnia and Self-Esteem, and Addictions such as Alcohol & Gambling. Margaret creates resourceful, happier, healthier mindset in her clients within a relaxed environment that allows mental clarity.

Raised as the daughter of a vegetable farmer in Hawkesbury, Sydney NSW, Margaret then married in 1990 and raised four children whilst farming turf/sod, in 2008 owning and operating as Company Director and Secretary, Accounts Manager in Turf Production Sales and Marketing. In 2003, she volunteered at MIEA as Mental Health Educator and Presenter in secondary Schools. Her leading Agribusiness won the Local Outstanding Agricultural Business Award in 2012, and Champion Agribusiness in the Australian Small Business Awards 2013.

Margaret now lives with her partner, Mark, in Mulgoa, NSW and is proud to achieve her dream of becoming an author in 2023.

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