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Utilise Strategic Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis to create positive change in one session of solution-oriented therapy. Empower your mind and regain control in an era of challenges - create a happier and healthier reality.
25 years of Knowledge, Background and Experience

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What are others saying

"I want to start this review by saying that Margaret is a unique professional. She is quality all the way and she has a unique touch that I don't think you will find in many health care professionals. She is as real and down to earth as you will find. Margaret is as honest and relatable as she is skilled and genuine.

1 had some things going on in my life. it affected my sleep and day to day functioning. It took only one session to see MASSIVE progress. I am forever grateful and it was worth every cent I spent. Its actually invaluable.

I was so skeptical and apprehensive of hypnotherapy. I had no idea it would be such a success. I just want to tell anyone who is sitting on the fence to go out and talk to Margaret. It will change your life. Thank you Margaret." -  J.M.

We can help you in...

Change your pattern of thought and leave depression behind with a new mindset.
Learn to reprogram and reset, easing past your patterns of anxiety.
Post-traumatic stress
Use NLP to break the cycle of Trauma.

What are others saying

“I was sceptical at the start, I hadn’t experienced hypnotherapy or NLP before. But once I gave it a go it helped me heal my trauma. I now also have the confidence and am fully comfortable with expressing how I feel. I recommend Margaret at Hilltop Hypnotherapy.” - A.C.

Our Values

Simple to understand new life skills which medicine alone cannot give.
Get simple solutions and strategies not found at traditional therapy.
Piece of mind
Get the piece of mind you have been seeking in life’s challenging times, build mental strength and enjoy life again.
Reprogramme yourself to be confident and cope better, inserting new life-long skillsets.
Be ready to make your life successful and enjoyable.
Be guided to find and use the tools to create a positive mindset and re-aligned focus.
Change yourself using your own skillset.
Believe in yourself – with the right guidance you can take control of your life back.
Rapid changes
Quickly create change using your subconscious mind where rapid changes are achievable.

Our Office is located at 31-41 Kings Hill Rd, Mulgoa, NSW 2745

Professional Associations

Office Location:
31-41 Kings Hill Rd Mulgoa NSW 2745
Privacy Poilcy
Margaret is registered Professional Member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA), in her practice she uses the form of hypnosis known as Strategic Psychotherapy and Hypnosis and the Gordian Pillars of Strategic Psychotherapy produced by Gordon Young -Institute of Applied Psychology

We are based in Mulgoa NSW yet service clients everywhere in New South Wales / Greater Sydney, including Western Sydney, North Shore, CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, South Sydney and Sutherland Shire.

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